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Collaboration & communication is integral to success of a business. Considerable amount of time is spent by employees in collaborating with co-workers. Technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and collaborate at work. A decade ago only emails & chats were the only tools used for work communication and collaboration generally happened over meetings or brainstorming sessions.

To share real time message & information, most workplace communication is happening to through mobile devices by using informal chat services like whatsApp or SMS and hence there is no security or ownership of workplace information. Moreover companies are heavily dependent on in-house applications & systems for communication, collaboration & productivity. However with different, disjointed in house applications communication is scattered and teams are siloed.

With digital transformation, workplace communication & collaboration platforms have become indispensable in maximising communication. We are flooded with communication & collaboration platforms, some designed to do general things others cater specific industries. Some are project -management platforms others messaging platforms or productivity software. So how does one choose?

First we need to understand no single platform or application can meet all needs of an organization. What you need is a platform that allows deep integration to all your existing in-house applications & other third-party tools at one place and also comes with in-built features essential to your workplace needs. For effective collaboration it is imperative that interface is simple & easy to navigate for a last mile employee and a manager alike. Also keep in mind the platform is equipped with best security features and is cloud based.

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