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An all-in-one consolidated online platform to manage each and every facet of school both online & offline

It has been almost two months since India went into lockdown after the COVID-19 outbreak. All schools, institutions and colleges have been shut long before the official lockdown was enforced. Hence for virtual classes most schools have been stitching together freely available online tools and low-cost hardware. Schools are looking at it as a short-term arrangement to teach online, but reality could be starkly different.

Is there any school that has figured out a way to open and have teachers & other all staff work safely, with each other and attend to their students? The answer is no, not any time soon.

So are the schools ready with a plan where they can replicate the classroom set up and keep their schools going?

Looking at the current scenario they have not been replicate the classroom setup; they’re going with a mix of live classes and recorded videos. In these times while teachers are the architects of content & parents act as invigilators, keeping up with lesson plans. Schools will be required to improvise on their framework & approach in the long-term as there will be remarkable change in ecosystem as well as habits in the post Covid world.

So what do schools need?

A unique platform that enables schools to switch between online classes & offline seamlessly without any disruption and even keep their cash flow going. Basically an all-in-one consolidated online platform to manage each and every facet of school both online & offline including online classes, exams, assessments and much more. Hence there is no juggling with multiple platform, video lessons, assignments, online exams, assessments & then doing it all over again once school opens up.

Now let us look at how inGroups can help schools.

inGroups is a mobile first one stop solution to manage each and every component of a school both online & offline in a seamless manner. It mimics a real classroom and allows educators to engage with students in real-time by sharing lessons, videos, worksheets, assignments and assessments, using interactive methods like polls, debates, quizzes and surveys. “It provides an enhanced learning experience for the students in comparison to the brick-and-mortar model or a remote video class.

Whats it offers?
  • Full scale- virtual class /online platform in complete privacy with "NO" number sharing
  • On tap fee collection to keep operations uninterrupted
  • Online class tests/term exam- within the mobile app
  • Assignment builder & instant evaluation and results
  • Learning management platform with actionable communication, collaboration for even staff & teachers
  • Built-in Cloud ERP with all school modules- for daily operations- complimentary

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