Mid career crisis and how to wade through it in Covid-19

Mid career crisis

Mid career crisis seeps in slowly and impacts almost all. All said and done this scenario could be an opportunity to assess your career as well as life goals

I am touching 50 and I work for nearly 12 hours a day, how long can I continue with it.

A young graduate with a business degree from a top ranking college has a fair idea how to kick-start his career. Career growth continues for next 15-20 years but by the time he is touching 50 he feels the stagnation, expects to be a CEO or heading his own company with reasonable success. What if that does not happen? Is it the end line for his career?

On the other hand many are scared of being laid off as the young talent can do their job with double their energy and half the salary? Job loss is a terrifying prospect, however one needs a to take a good look and see why it happened? Was it because one was complacent or too expensive in the company to be retained or was the company going through a bad patch or did one's role become redundant? Sometimes one feels stagnated with little or no growth, with same mundane things to do.

If these reasons were not enough Covid-19 plunged the world into severe economic crisis as business are shutting down, many people in their mid career find themselves jobless. It’s hard to find a job or look at career change in middle age in the current scenario.

Mid career crisis seeps in slowly and impacts almost all. All said and done this scenario could be an opportunity to assess your career as well as life goals.

Take a stock of your achievements, failures and evaluate your career, how you wish to continue going forward. At times there might be huge gap between aspirations & capability. It is important to do a reality check & clearly understand one unique selling proposition & how to leverage it.

Build & nurture a strong network. Connect with former colleagues, friends and spread the word in your network, new opportunity can come through with minimal effort.

Explore new sectors which are of interest and gain all the knowledge. To reinvent your career cultivate a new skill on the side and also take stock of resources. Kavish always wanted to go back to the roots, he was passionate about clean farming. After taking stock of his resources he decided to go for organic farming. With perseverance and hard work he was successful.

Invest in yourself. Many of us hardly find time to be with family or friends, work becomes a priority and everything else takes a backseat. Don’t let your job define you or consume your entire being, build relationships out side your workplace. Healthy relationships gives one better coping skills, higher level of well-being and a healthier life. Cultivate a hobby or find something interesting to do which relaxes and rejuvenates you.

Plan an early retirement: Save enough to retire early or take a sabbatical. Getting out from the grind can improve your mental health and reduce stress. A young retiree will have more energy to travel, to explore and find a new hobby and who knows it might end up as a lifelong passion.

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