Digitisation of education


If adapted in a proper manner digitisation of education can be a boon for both students & teachers.

58 per cent parents do not support reopening of schools, as as per a survey conducted by LocalCircles*

Most parents are wary of physical classes until vaccine is developed as cases of covid 19 continue to rise. Hence digital education has become the future of learning and is the only way for schools & other educational institutes to adapt & continue. Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digitisation of education, a change which was expected in next 5-10 years, hence there is a lot of apprehension & resistance among teachers as well as students. If adapted in a proper manner digitisation of education can be a boon for both students & teachers. It has to be a blend of live & static lessons along with time to time assessments.


Digitalisation is a big time saver and can reduce effort & avoid duplication of work. For example a teacher has cleared a doubt of a student in an online platform, it becomes a point of reference for other students, thus reducing effort. Similarly a lesson prepared by a faculty can be used again with a little changes for other batch of students. It is easier to track performance of a student with just a glance including attendance, marks & attempts to an assignment. Moreover teachers can teach as well as keep track of student’s progress using digital tools at the convenience of their home.


Students also have the flexibility to learn at a pace which suits them. They can learn, practice as many times & clarify their doubts & refer to it again at the comfort of their home without having to commute for hours or fear of being reprimanded by teacher in traditional classroom. It is a boon for students who had moved away from home to study with virtual classroom at the convenience of their home.


Digitalisation offers a safe mode of learning which is transparent and accountable. Faculty as well as students can be monitored with just a tap in an extremely secured way. It is a quick & easy to use “collaboration tool” for the faculty & students as well as internal management of the institute without over-expensive official email set-ups /ERPs and can be used to share real time updates with everyone. If you adopt a platform like inGroups, it can be easily used by frontline/support staff as well without any learning curve. It will also reduce unnecessary paper work & manual effort as well help in collection of fee with just a tap.


Parents can keep a track of their wards’ progress by logging into the online platform. Suggestions & feedbacks can be shared among parents & teachers without being over intrusive for better learning of the students.

Overall it can be a win win situation for all stakeholders including students, teachers & management , provided a right platform has been chosen by the institution keeping in mind all facets of education & its management.


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