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More than 80 percent of the total global workforce is frontline desk-less employees. They are the pillars of business in most industries like manufacturing, retail, health, hospitality, etc. In the retail sector they are the face of the business that directly interacts with customers. Similarly in the health sector frontline employees provide routine & other essential service to patients and similarly they are the most significant part of the manufacturing sector.

Frontline employees can be difficult to reach & manage and yet are critical to engage as they are geographically dispersed and usually not connected to traditional channels of communication. They are physically engaged & mostly working in shifts and due time constraint very little time is spent on communication. Most communication happens as a one way process through notice-boards, circulars or through supervisors. So there is generally no feedback mechanism which can ensure that information has been received or understood. Hence frontline employees cannot share insights or feedback, they may feel stifled, inhibited & unappreciated and consequently it affects their morale. There is considerable gap by the time communication trickles down to the ground-level staff and effectiveness is mostly lost, moreover an organization looses out on frontline feedback, insight on other issues of importance.

On the other hand many frontline employees leave their job due poor on-boarding process, ineffective communication & training and improper employee engagement. High turnover, security, limited access, and expenses can become issue with frontline workforce. In order to overcome such challenges organisations are going digital and engaging communication platforms.

So it is imperative to bring frontline staff onto the digital network in a simple yet effective manner to engage, involve, train and onboard these employees. A communication platform that is so robust that can be used by all stakeholders including the frontline staff with no learning curve. The communication platform with top of the line security features where co-ordination and co-operation of entire workforce can be solicited within no time and zero hassle.

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